Another Spring, another large contingent of the club focussed their attention on the challenges that a marathon brings. Discipline, patience, and courage define the distance – discipline, patience and courage define LWAC’s endurance runners.

For some, a first encounter with the unforgiving distance and therefore an insight into the physical and mental trials one must overcome. For others, most likely a questioning why they’d decided to put themselves through another block of suffering over the cold, dark and windy winter.

Across 4 marathon days, 25 wellies pulled on their vests and trotted around the roads of various places.

All will have had different goals and different experiences, but whilst I can assume everyone loved it…we also had:
– 9 debuts
– 9 PBs
– 4 club records

It doesn’t stop there. The community around this club continues to be outstanding. Whilst 25 runners completed the distance, numerous more supported by joining on training runs or cheering on the day.

Running can so easily be an individual endeavour, but not when you’re a wellie – it’s a team sport.

An awesome reminder of the strength and depth of this club. Your individual physical and mental strength – our clubs supportive and exemplary depth.

Proud’a you.