Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club qualified coaches:

Level 4 Club CoachBrian MackenzieSprints 100, 200 and 400m & combined eventsN/A
Level 3 Club CoachLinda Ellis Young
Level 3 Club CoachRob LewisMiddle Distance &
Level 3 Club CoachNick SmithCombined Events, Hurdles, Javelin and Young
Level 3 Club CoachTerry TimmisJunior Sprint GroupN/A
Level 3 Club CoachDenise TimmisSenior
Level 3 Club CoachRoy FreemanJunior Middle DistanceN/A
Level 2 Club CoachMark ThorntonMiddle Distance &
Level 2 Club CoachMartin Morley
Level 2 Club CoachDenise
Level 2 Club CoachAlison Dale Young
Level 2 Club CoachHayley Fox Jumps/Throws/
Level 2 Club CoachAnne
Level 2 Club CoachAdrian White
Level 2 Club CoachLee TroopYoung AthletesN/A
Level 2 Club CoachSylvia Philps
Level 2 Club CoachRhiannon Troop
Level 2 Club CoachJoshua Drotleff
Level 2 Club CoachMatthew Blagdon
Level 2 Club CoachMarc ThorpeN/A
Level 2 Club CoachWendy DayN/A
Level 1 Club CoachTamatha
Level 1 Club CoachPaige TroopN/A
Level 1 Club CoachJim
Level 1 Club CoachBill DelaneyN/A
Leader in Running FitnessPam BaxterN/A
Leader in Running FitnessJane CharlesworthN/A
Leader in Running FitnessJim
Leader in Running FitnessAlison DaleN/A
Leader in Running FitnessWendy DayN/A
Leader in Running FitnessTamatha