County XC Championships and Leagues

Many LWAC athletes have been busy competing in cross country, some of the highlights so far are:

County Championships

U11B – 3rd Oliver Liddell U11G – 2nd Isla Porter, 3rd Chloe Fields

U13B– 2nd Oliver Cooney, 3rd Joe Humphries & 1st Team with Oliver Cooney, Joe Humphries, Max Patrick 

U13G– 1st Team with Erin Barwell, Niamh Kelly, Poppy Liddell

U15B – 2ndJasper Humphries, 3rd Edward Barnes-Heath & – 1st Team with Jasper Humphries, Edward Barnes-Heath, Ashwin Kumar   &  2nd Team with Harry Cobb, Henry Samkin, Sam Kumar 

U15G – 1st India Barwell, 2nd Evie Brookes, 3rd Natasha McBride & 1st Team with India Barwell, Evie Brookes, Natasha McBride &  2nd Team with Izzy Vinter, Lucy Allan, Flora Jolly 

U17M – 1st Lewis Budgen, 2nd Will Bloom

U17W– 2nd Hazel Williams & 2nd Team with Hazel Williams, Ella MacPherson, Sophie Knapp

U20M– 1st Joe Green, 2nd Jacob Parkinson

SW– 2nd Sophie Wallis, 3rd Claire Cooney & 1st Team with Sophie Wallis, Claire Cooney, Lucy Thornton & 3rd team with Lydia Gallyer-Barnett, Amy Rockhall, Laura Malthouse

VM – 2nd Marc Thorpe &  1st Team with Marc Thorpe, Nick Marsh, Neil Cooney

VW – 2nd Team with Anna Vinter, Caroline Colley, Donna Walters

North Midlands XC League

U15G – 1st India Barwell, 2nd Evie Brookes U15G Team – 1st with India Barwell, Evie Brookes, Natasha McBride

Lincolnshire XC League

U11B – 2nd Daniel Hauton U11G – 1st Isla Porter, 2nd Chloe Fields, 3rd Freya West

U13B – 1st Oliver Cooney, 2nd Tyler Morris

SW – 2nd Lydia Gallyer Barnett,  3rd Laura Malthouse and 1st Team

VW – 1st Claire Cooney.

Well done to everyone who raced in these events