Appeal For Help

HELP NEEDED Do you have some spare time and want to help the club? We need volunteers who can work with the Committee on some fundraising activities.

The club wants to buy a metal cover for the high jump bed (similar to the ones used for the pole vault). For various reasons we have not had full access to the high jump equipment since 2018. This has affected athletes of all ages, especially junior athletes who are still learning and trying the different disciplines.

Having the cover would mean we could keep the high jump bed on the track and use it when we want to.

Unfortunately, these cost a lot of money. We have already received £2021.00 from one grant and have sent applications for others, but we need to raise the rest ourselves.

If you are interested in helping to organise fundraising activities or have any fundraising ideas, please contact Sylvia at We are open to all kinds of ideas from cake sales to kit auctions to mini competitions, the more creative the better!

Note: we’re not expecting one person to take responsibility for all the fundraising. The more volunteers we have, the more chance we have of raising the money we need and hopefully have some fun doing it!