Club Officers

A full list of the Club Officers is available below:

President: Terence Timmis

Chair: Denise Timmis

Vice-Chair: Sharon Waller

Secretary: Tamatha Troop – 31 Front Street, East Stockwith, Gainsborough. DN21 3DJ. 01427 810372

Assistant Secretary: (vacant)

Treasurer: Steve Read

Committee: Marc Afford, Alison Dale, Anne Gilroy,
Susan Mouzon, Sylvia Philps, Sharon Waller, Teri Would, Sean Barkes, Thomas North, and Martin Morley.

Welfare Officer: Alison Dale

Press Officer: Denise Timmis

Assistant Press Officer: (vacant)

Membership Officer: Sylvia Philps

Mens T&F Manager: Denise Timmis

Vice Mens T&F Manager: Marc Afford

Womens T&F Manager: Denise Timmis

Vice Womens T&F Manager: Sharon Waller

Lincs League Team Manager: [Position Vacant]

Lincs League T&F Men/Boys Manager: Lee Martin

Lincs League T&F Women/Girls Manager: Denise Timmis

YDL Boys (U13/U15) Manager: Marc Thorpe / Allison Mouzon

YDL Girls (U13/U15) Manager: Marc Thorpe / Allison Mouzon

YDL Men (U17/U20) Manager: Marc Thorpe

YDL Women (U17/U20) Manager: Marc Thorpe

County Champs T&F Manager: Lee Martin

Entries Secretary: Karen Wilkinson

Officials Secretary: (vacant)

Coach Development Officer: [Position Vacant]

Lincolnshire AA Representative: [Position Vacant]

Facilities Co-ordinator: Denise Timmis / Steve Read

Health & Safety Officer: John Maplethorpe

Trustee/Auditor: Adey White

Club Records Secretary: Sharon Waller

Trophy Secretary: Kelly Carchedi

Webmaster:  Thomas North

Fundraising Officer: [Position Vacant]

Kit Officer: Susan Mouzon

Transport Officer: Jane Ramsden

Social Secretary: Susan Mouzon

Vice Presidents: Larry Allen, Doug Bramhall, Bob Charlton, Richard Dimbleby, Linda Ellis, George Farley, Dot Fraser, Anne Gilroy, Darrell Helas, John Marcus, David Newman, Marie Phillips, Terence Timmis.

Life Members: Mike Barnaby, Malcolm Bramhall, Peter Hinman, Jack Humphries, Janet King, Rob Lewis, Adrian Marston, Andrew Sylvester, Denise Timmis, Sharon Waller, Gary Warhurst, Kathleen Warhurst